What is 'To hell with the hotdish!' all about?

'To hell with the hotdish!' is the work of three pastors who are trying to help move the perception of church beyond its cliched casserole culture. They don't shy away from questions you think can't be asked. With a bit of laughter and a heart for community, these friends tackle the task of discipleship and mystery of faith to challenge the faithful from being too comfortable.


alex hoops


Who is that shouting through my earbuds? WHY, IT'S ALEX HOOPS! Born in Southwest Florida, Alex Hoops was dubbed "the mouth of the south" by his, not so quiet himself, grandfather. With a history in performing arts, sales, and radio broadcasting he is prone to babble, change the volume of his voice at alarming rates, and get too excited. An Evangelist at heart and a promoter of change, Alex is a gluttonous extrovert and geek. He loves people, the good news, and comic books. Also he collects action figures...Like TONS of them. His wife thinks its out of control but his two children seem fine with it.

Kyle rouze

Kyle Rouze


Kyle Rouze is a father, pastor and avid TCU sports fan. After being born and raised in God's country (or as it's more commonly known: Texas) he attended and graduated from the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. After realizing he despised the cold weather, he returned to Texas as fast as he could. Kyle now serves as a pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church where their goal is to live sharing God's heart through human hands.




Lorne Hlad is a pastor, speaker, and writer who finds joy in connecting people to God in relatable and relevant ways. Lorne's heart was captured by the Gospel while serving in Iraq, and his passion for communicating the good news and love of the church grew while wrestling with God at  Jacob's Porch as the leader of the Covenant House. Lorne graduated from Trinity Lutheran Seminary with a concentration on leadership for the missional church. Currently, Lorne lives in Cincinnati with his family and serves as pastor of Prince of Peace, a church passionate about the call of discipleship to live and love like Jesus.